Innovation fuels growth at ALTHEORA.

ALTHEORA SHIFT is a true innovation accelerator. Its mission is to inspire and accelerate projects from researchers, students, and start-ups to discover and produce the patents and the innovative and sustainable industrial products of tomorrow.
In a hybrid area that mixes applied research and industrial manufacturing, and favoring collaboration between the different types of persons who work in that area, ALTHEORA SHIFT accompanies selected start-ups, sharing its R&D teams, as well as its technological, commercial, marketing and legal resources to make the industrial fabric more dynamic, and foster the 4th Industrial Revolution.
For ALTHEORA, SHIFT is a state of mind: it is the creative spark that lights the fire and drives transformation. It is the capacity to work outside the box, to push one’s limits, to look at problems from another angle, and in doing so, imagining new technological solutions. It is both an enthusiastic vision of the evolution of industry, and a realistic evaluation of the energy that needs to be invested to start sustainable transition. SHIFT is also a team of people who are convinced that innovation is the solution for building high-performance industry that contributes to a world that has more respect for people and the planet.